Or maybe my purse. Regardless it’s here, it’s awesome, and it’s about to get used. Word.

I’m not sure where that just came from. I’m so sorry.

I think I’m possibly maybe having a small panic attack about my upcoming High School Reunion.

My 10 YEAR high school reunion.

I’m not that old. Certainly not old enough to have graduated high school 10 years ago. But I did. I did graduate high school 10 years ago. Oh. My. Gosh.

At the same time, though, high school feels light years away. What doesn’t feel really far away? Going to college. Meeting all of my “old college friends.” Not implying that they’re age-old, but more that we’ve been friends for a long time.

Which obviously proves the point that it in fact has been 10 years and yes that’s a long time.

But no, I’m not old. I still enjoy a good theme party. I like a day of tubing down the river (occasionally and with the bottom built into the tube). I enjoy a rowdy trip to Vegas. (Not arrested “The Hangover” rowdy, but you get the gist.) I can still keep up with music, reality TV, and all things technology. I can still use a universal remote without confusion. I just bought a Flip for crying out loud. AND I know how to use it!!

My point is, how can the time pass so quickly without us even noticing?

I have a feeling that my parents, ok probably just my dad since my mom still doesn’t know how to check the blog, are nodding their heads furiously right now. Don’t hit the monitor, dad. It’s one of those “ah-ha” life moments, I guess.

So the only thing to do is sit back, enjoy the moments, capture everything with the Flip, and relax. No panic attack needed. Just breathe deep and realize how fortunate we are for each day we are given.

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