Buckle Your Seat Belts…

Because I just got in my first bidding war on eBay and I WON!!!


It’s the Flip! For those of you not on the inner circles of technology, the Flip is the new pocket video camera. It takes awesome video clips, plugs directly into your laptop (via USB) and has it’s own software that immediately installs and gets you to work on editing and uploading your video content.

DWC just got a little bit more exciting. If you can believe THAT!!


Chris Brown Strikes Again

Oh my.

I just found this video on one of my friend’s Facebook page.

It’s kinda unbelievable. I watched some of it with my hands over my face. Part of me cringed in embarrassment for the whole wedding party. Another part of me laughed and wondered just how drunk I’d have to be in order to allow this on my ONE special day.

Ya know, that one day where you promise to love & cherish & stay with one person for the rest of your life in front of all your nearest & dearest…and God?

If you’re curious…it would be a lot. So much that I probably would have to be carried down the aisle. And if we’re going that route, why not just take me to the Little White Chapel in Vegas, right?

Now, I’m not saying that God isn’t a fan of Chris Brown or the semi-sweet dance moves that made their way down the aisle. (Not to mention the pretty impressive walking handstand that one of the tubbier groomsmen managed to pull off.)

I’m just sayin’ I don’t think that the church is where Chris Brown needs to be blared. He needs to BE THERE (especially after the whole Rhianna thing) but it’s unnecessary to have club music bumping in the church.

My humble opinion.

Really just wanted to share this jaw-dropping moment with you guys!! Have a great Thursday!

Hello Again!

Oh hi! My name is Libby and I’ll be your hostess on Down With Cantaloupe. Please buckle your safety belts, make note that your seat cushion doubles as a flotation device, and hang on tight. We know that you have a choice when you surf the blogosphere and we thank you for choosing Down With Cantaloupe. Bloggers prepare for take-off.

I’m back!! Whew…what an unintentional hiatus! So sorry about that. Now where was I?

Oh yes, the King of Pop Michael Jackson died. Tragic. Truly. I’m not being sarcastic. I used to LOVE MJ…back before the skin disorder. Back when he was all “Billie Jean” and hangin’ with Diana Ross. Back when I wore one glove and danced in front of the tv with my mom to the “Rock With You” video with the laser lights and sequin tops.

What? You didn’t. Liar.

But seriously? I just read here that the DEA ransacked that Dr. friend of his’ office today. Apparently the autopsy results hadn’t been released when this was written because Yours Truly heard on the trustworthy CosmoRadio show (on the way to lunch, thanks) that the results were out and the cause was an overdose of propofol…which I’m pretty sure has never been licensed to be removed from the hospital.

But I’m no doctor. That’s just what my mom said when we discussed.

This overdose led to said heart attack, which led to his death.

Dear Dr. Murray (Dr. Friend of Jacko’s),
I would start clearing out my office and pick my Sunday bests to wear in court. I’d also do everything in my power to make myself presentable & lovely in a bright orange jumpsuit. Cause buddy…you’re headed to the big house.

On another note, Farrah finally got her time in between Jackson updates. A very sweet 2 minutes on Good Morning America in which Ryan O’Neal gave tribute to her with his first interview regarding her death. It’s too bad that son of theirs couldn’t abide by the law and be around for all of this.

Richard Jefferson….a new Spur….ditched his fiance at the altar of their “multi-million dollar wedding.”

Except not.

I liked how his fiance, Kesha Nichols, went on GMA to set the record straight. (Can you tell what I watch in the mornings whilst getting dressed?)

Fact: she actually seemed to be alright with everything, he did NOT leave her standing at the altar–he contacted her 5 days prior to the wedding to call it off.

Fact: it was not a multi-million dollar wedding.

Fact: they had broken up and gotten back together several times in the past and Richie just wasn’t feelin’ it. No matter what, you gotta hand it to the guy for breaking it off now rather than going through with it and causing more pain later. ‘Nuff said.

Fact: I’m ready for basketball season to start.

Fact: it’s blazing hot outside and I’m not sure how I’m going to make it through August. Has South Texas done something we need to be punished for? Rain is literally HOPPING over us like a hop-scotch game. And sticking out it’s tongue and taunting us. And singing bad school yard songs that you have to sing when slapping hands with your friends.

Ridiculous!! Now is the time that the people with the rock yards and cactus are laughing and enjoying their ice cold lemonade on the front porch saying “Suckahs!! We KNEW a drought was way overdue. No change here!!”

Let it be known that I’d rather have a dead yard that crunches and stabs the underside of my little feet than have a scene from the scary hyena scene of “The Lion King” in my front yard.

That’s right, I just referenced Disney Animation. It’s one of my loves. Along with cheese, Pixar, bad reality tv shows, and air conditioning.

And MJ before the skin thing. On that note, I’m going to go home, put on my one glove, and do a little rain dance to “Pretty Young Thing” and hope for the best.

Another One Bites the Dust…

That’s right. We have another guest at the inn. Poops has moved home. I couldn’t be happier because she’s my baby sister AND I’m secretly hoping to relive this moment again. Only maybe I’ll get to do it this time.
Before I go further. Is this not a great shot of Queen? Who doesn’t love a grown man in a “Flash” t-shirt jumping as high as he can?? You stay classy, Queen.
Anywho, the Poops is a great sport, as that post clearly dictates, & truth be told I’m glad to have another sibling in the house. We are actually the only two out of our four-pack who haven’t lived together yet.
If only I’d known when I’d lamented in the past “I really wish that Poops & I had that time together” that that time would equate to me moving home at (almost) 28 years young to fulfill our destiny. There’s sarcasm in there. But really, I am sincere and so glad she’s back!
That’s neither here nor there though.
And as a side note: I CLEARLY did NOT act my age this weekend. I will not humiliate myself enough to go into the details but I’ll say this…I am a horrendous darts player and it worked to my severe disadvantage. Bummer. Case closed.
Random thought: I feel bad for MJ’s kids. Here are my reasons:
1) Their daddy, no matter how great to them he was, was not a normal, healthy individual. Did he make AMAZING music like this old school peach that still gets me out of a chair and on a dance floor in mere seconds? YES. Is it healthy to make your children wear SARS masks out on the town? Not so much.
2) He named two of them the same name. Prince Michael I & Prince Michael II. Sadly, his way of fixing this was to nickname the latter “Blanket.” Honestly. Thankfully there wasn’t another boy after that…he might have been called “Pull-Up.” Tell me that the school these kids will now have to go to won’t have children mocking that.
3) His daughter’s name is Paris. Look at the other Paris’s you know. Hilton: not. so. good. Paris from the movie “Troy”: biggest. wuss. ever. That’s all the Paris’s I can think of. I don’t think I need to elaborate more. I will say, she’s beautiful…hopefully the Jacksons won’t screw her up.
4) Debbie Rowe. ‘Nuff said. This woman births them and jets with her cash. And now she wants them? I’m really not sure what the lesser of two evils is in this situation.
So…confession. This post wasn’t supposed to be about MJ and his kids. But I found myself with a slight case of writers block after the first bit and succumbed to US Weekly. Which is where I discovered more of the same MJ material.
More thoughts provoked from US Weekly:
I feel awful for Jennifer Aniston. When will she find love? When will the press stop hounding her for having (frankly) awful taste in men? When will she end up back with Brad Pitt because he realizes that having fifty-eleven babies with Angie wasn’t really what he signed up for? I hope soon…sistah friend…she’s had a rough time!
Why is a Jonas brother engaged? Is he not a fetus still? Are they friends with the Hansons? Just wondering.
“Dance Your Ass Off” Jury’s still out folks. Not sure how I feel about this yet. Any thoughts from the peanut gallery?
Beyonce. You’re awesome. We’re over you–for now. Please go be married to Jay-Z for a while and give us all a rest from your crazy dancing. Puh–lease!
“Bruno”–not hearing good things. “The Hangover”–best movie of the summer.
Ok….enough of the ramblings. Sorry for such a random post, but honestly, I was trying to combine two of my favorite things into one. “US Weekly” and DWC. Maybe I should start a publication: “Down with Cantaloupe Weekly.” Probably no one but my dad would read it though.
Since I feel like he may be the only one reading. My mother hasn’t even hopped on the train yet. She’s terrified of “the Internet.” But not AOL….sssshhhhhh, no one tell her they’re the same thing. 😉
Happy week tomorrow and I’ll talk to you soon!!