Weekly Posting? PATHETIC, I know…

I’m sorry I’m doing another weekly Monday post on DWC and I feel like one pathetic loser, but lemme ‘splain it to you, Lucy.

I just finished up moving.

In 100 degree heat.

Humid, South Texas heat.

And I’m prone to headaches….of the “wicked bad” kind, as Jillian would say.

So with the stress and anticipation of the move from last week, the physical aspects during, the unpacking into my new digs, and the recovery…I was a little too tired. And I had nothing to write about except heavy lifting.

A meltdown was riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight on the cusp of happening, I’m just sayin.

Anywho, successful move happened. Then we had a FUN dinner with friends–with LOTS of vino…we’re in Stage 2 of South Beach now, babies, and loving that red wine is back on the menu.

Saturday was a lazy poolside day and Saturday night was AH-MAZING. We had a beautiful wedding of some dear friends who threw one of the most fun receptions. It included an 80’s hairband (fans, crimped hair, & all), delicious dinner, dancing like CRAZY, dancing on stage with the band, and an open bar.

Which let me tell you, was visited frequently. Cheese & Moo were also with us, which made for and even MORE fun time…

Which somehow, I kinda missed. I know…I have no clue how either.

Anyway, you can see why I haven’t had time to post this week, but I swear…the 4th of July is coming up and we have BIG plans with the crew from Northbound 35. And that always means a good time, perhaps a little mischief, and a lot of good pics to share. Or not.

Stay tuned DWC reader(s)!!

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