Say Cheese!!

So, for some reason, I have recently become a little more interested in photography.

Not just the pictures themselves, but how to take a great picture–of anything.

How to make the center of the picture focused and blur out the background. How to use natural lighting to show the emotional aspect…

How to not look like a tourist whilst doing these things.

It’s a curious thing to me and I really have played around with the idea of learning more when I have some time…which is never really. Nonetheless, I still am very interested and love the artistic aspect of it.

That said, I have a great camera–I got it a year ago, so it’s basically brand new–but I keep getting distracted by the big ol’ turny-lense cameras. I don’t even know what they’re called…I’m going to be soooo good at this!

Admittedly, some of this may be to appease my cravings of getting a new toy–I’m a TOTAL nerd like that, if you haven’t figured that out. New computers, cell phones, landline phones, cameras, anything like that I really get excited about. (I used to wander the aisles of Best Buy looking for the coolest new phone to have in my room. Honestly. I swear I’m a normal girl.)

Anywho, regardless of where this new interest is coming from, it’s something I’m really thinking about getting into. So if any of you are any more into this than me (like, you know the name of the camera I was talking about up there) shoot me an email or post a comment letting me know any tips you have on breaking into it.

I’m open to any suggestions since I basically know nothing about it.

On a MUCH less serious note I have a few quick things to say:

1) South Beach update: down 5lbs. That’s right. One week, baby. This thing works.

2) Real Housewives of NJ: you’d best watch this finale if ya knew what was good fer ya. Seriously, if your life is boring, I swear this will kick it up a notch.

3) Bachelorette: Jillian–please drain the info out of creepy Tanner P. (toe fetish guy) and get on with it. And send Wes home already–I’m tired of that awful song.

Have a great week everybody!! Don’t forget to email me your photography expertise here!!

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