In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle…

We saw 2 lions. Both sleeping. Exactly how my dogs all sleep: on their backs with their feet flopped out. They were really puttin’ out that scary vibe on Sunday. And here they are:

Should I back up for a minute and tell you why I ended up at the zoo in all of my 27 year old glory?

My dad called and asked me to go! Both of my sisters were going, too, and it was our trip out with dad. How cute is THAT??
So I rush home from church, change clothes quickly (side note: made a bad decision on my outfit as it was 2000 degrees outside and 500% humidity), and sped off to meet them at the Butterfly exhibit.
All I can say is I want to plant anything that gets me these gorgeous lil’ things flying around my head instead of mosquitoes.
I mean…how often do you get to walk into a tent filled with these:
As we left the butterfly tent, and I realized how hot it really was outside…we decided to duck into a “cave” and see what was exhibited there. Oh my…I got to test out the aquarium feature on my camera!!
I love hippos. I know they’re pretty much the meanest animals…but LOOK at these fatties!! SO. CUTE.
But this is my favorite part. Look at those stumpy legs!!
I LOVE the elephants…and we caught them during feeding time.
We saw birds of every color, we saw snakes (I closed my eyes because they terrify me), a zebra, and plenty of monkeys.
And then we ran across this guy. I swear to you, this is Winston as a rhino. This guy looked out from his little shed, wondered what in the HEY all of these idiots were doing staring at him, and then did this. (You’ll need to look closely…you can basically just see his horn glowing in the dark.)

So…missing my Winston like crazy, we headed home to see her. Dad ended up cleaning out the ice maker and emptying the contents into a pitcher to “start fresh.”
It got oddly quiet and still…like the calm before a storm. Like when the sky is creepy and green right before a tornado and there’s total stillness.
I rounded the corner and found this:
Tornado Winston had hit. And no one enjoyed ice in their drink that afternoon.

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