Blogging 101

Apparently there are quite a few things I don’t know about blogging. Which is ironic because I researched blogs QUITE a bit before I got involved in this “hysteria.”

So much so, that I guess I got excited and missed some pretty important steps. Like like outside photo hosting.

What? Who? Huh? Como? SAY WHAT???


Apparently, it’s “smart” to not just post your photos via Blogger (or what have you) but to upload them to an outside source…i.e. Flickr. I did not know this….a fellow blogger tipped me off, kinda, via her blog in which she has a tutorial. That I need to start reading. Frequently.

Anyway, you’re supposed to keep these kinds of things hosted elsewhere so that you don’t lose your precious moments somewhere out in cyberspace.

Soooo, I’m going to be spending some serious time backing up my photos so that should I ever change hosts, I’ll be able to take my fun, entertaining (well, maybe only to me) pictures from my blog with me.

‘Cause there’s nothin’ more frustrating than things lost in a move!! (I should know…I’ve moved literally once a year since graduating high school. But that’s a whole other post!)

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