Very High Level…

Hey guys! I know I’ve been the WORST blog host EVAH lately, but I promise that I’m going to get better.

For today, I have a few items that you should mull over in your pretty little heads:

1) JILLIAN!!! She’s precious, she’s a brunette (yay!), she’s Canadian, and she’s ready to find love. Again. Help cheer her on and don’t you worry, I’ll have plenty to say tomorrow after the show!!

2) Memorial Day Weekend is here. I’m sorry, what did you say?! It’s true. I had no idea this was coming so quickly. Am I an event planner you ask? Why yes, yes I am. I’m not sure how this fell through the cracks but it did people. Sheesh!! If you have a beach house you want to rent out to me for free, I’ll blog about how amazing it is. Even if it’s not. Promise!!

3) If you don’t love Amy Poehler…you’re absolutely dead to me. And if you don’t think that either one of these are hilarious, I’m just not sure that you have a giggle switch. And we shouldn’t meet. Because most likely we won’t be friends.

4) I was on the phone with my friend Emmy today. She was at her office, or so she said, and then I heard the *distinct* ding-tone that only happens when you walk through the doors of a convenience store. Namely, Valero. We had a pretty good laugh…for a few minutes…because she actually WAS in her office and they have that noise. I wanted to know when she quit event planning and started flippin’ the wienies in the rotisserie at the gas station.

5) Someone ‘splain it to me: why, oh why, is it SOOOO gross outside on the weekend and BEAUTIFUL during the work days?! Anyone who looks at me knows I need a tan on this bright white body…yet nature is working against me in my effort.

Last one, I promise.

6) I LOVE Stewie from “Family Guy.” If you’re not watching it, you should. You’ll probably cry you’re laughing so hard. You should also watch “30 Rock.” And it just goes without saying that you should be watching “The Office.”

Ok, I’m out! But I’ll catch you dudes on the flip side…or whatever they say in Canada!

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