No Woman, No Cry

Today marks the anniversary of Bob Marley’s death…which I know because when I logged into the blog this morning, that was on the Day in History gadget.

Honestly, I know LOTS of random trivia and don’t even get me started on the “Friends: Scene It” game because I will SCHOOL you there, but I really had no idea what May 11th was. Now I do. God bless you Day in History gadget…

But the reason I know is neither here nor there because as a music-lover, I’m so sad that Bob will no longer be crankin’ out the hits that make me want to lather up in a little Hawaiian Tropic, grab an ice cold rita and head out to the pool/beach/lake or whatever body of water is available and fry my poor ol’ bright white skin because I think that I can handle it like a Jamaican.

A good Bob Marley song is pretty much all it takes for me to think that I’m on a vacation in some tropical paradise. (Yes, I’m that easily confused.)

Or back in college getting ready for Spring Break. (BIG. SIGH.)

OR back at Camp Longhorn on your birthday which happened to be the last day of camp and you didn’t want to leave (this facing reality thing…it’s a theme) because you were going to miss your friends and have to start school again and all of the cute boys in the same age cabin brought you a cake and sang “No Woman, No Cry” and you were so excited but still sad at the same time. What? That never happened to you?

Isn’t it amazing what great music can do? Takes ya back, just like that! (Insert me snapping my fingers here.) I’m just sayin!!

Thank you Bob, for your many years of making music that not only makes us want to get up and shuffle-dance, but can so quickly and easily help us escape the world that we live in and find a few minutes (or hours…) of peace and serenity.

And enjoy a cold cocktail with an umbrella.

Without the fear of swine flu. Or a recession. Or the octo-mom.

In all seriousness, rest in peace, mon.

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