It’s ABOOT to Get Started!!

Hold onto to your men, ladies, because Jillian is BACK!!! Our favorite jilted bachelorette is here to to wow some men with her classic Canuck antics.

She’ll giggle, talk funny, and charm herself right into the hearts of all Americans…and those who check out the show in Canada, of course!

How precious is she?? Do I hope she finds the man of her dreams? YES. Do I think she’ll have some crazies in the mix? I sure hope so–keeps it interesting, and ABC is great at jacking with people’s personal lives just to get some good ratings. Will she be able to pull it off without coming across as a “lady of the night?” Well…we’ll see. I hope she can, but she had me guessing at the end of the last season with Jason.

Whichever way it goes, a few things are for SURE about to go down:
1) There will be hot tubs.
2) There will be helicopters.
3) Jillian will be proposed to. (Duh.)
4) We will hear (about a thousand times, but more so closer to the end) that our Jilly never imagined she could fall so more than one person at a time. And I bet she understands what Jason the Jerk was going through (agony!) by the end of it.
5) This season WILL include the MOST DRAMATIC ROSE CEREMONY EVER!!!

Get your DVR’s ready…I think we’re in for a Maple Leaf sized treat!!

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