East Texas Shenanigans…

Also known as Easter in East Texas.

I’ll start by saying that this was one of my MOST FAVORITE trips to The Burg. Aside from all of those summers as a kid where we basically ran crazy for a week straight. It was camp. For free.

This trip marked my brother-in-law’s first trip up to The Burg. I’m not sure if I’ve named him yet in the blog…so his name is Cheese. He’ll understand why. We knew we were all in for a semi-exhausting weekend since it takes about 6-7 hours to get there (I know…) and we wanted to show him all 3 things that we could think of to do while we were there.

Or so we thought.

We went fishing out at the private lake, we took a trip out to the “way back” of the property to check out our old camp site, we visited the haunted bed & breakfast that used to belong to our family, and ate at the restaurants outside of town that served any kind of drink with an edge to it. (Which, coincidentally, results in family video-gaming as seen here.)

Until we caught wind that there is now a VINEYARD in The Burg. Oh yes. I’m very serious.

“But how do grapevines survive in East Texas?” you might ask. Very. Well. The vineyard was pretty darn charming, has a few Italian-style villas that you can rent out, we took a tour, we chummed it up with the owner, and we’re SO going to stay there when he builds the Gypsy wagon cluster.

I’m just sayin’.

All in all, we had a blast. We had some great food, delicious wine, we hung out with my grandmother and got to love on her, and we had a successful Easter, sans egg hunt. Which, if you know my mother, is astonishing since this would be the first time in my 27 years that we have not done this.

You think I’m kidding. I’m not.

Anyway, here are some fun pics from the trip & here is the link to the Los Pinos Ranch Vineyard.

Some extras:

The First Cavender’s Boot City

Just a few normal fishing pics from the lake:

And, of course, the Creep & Cheese…hunting for snakes:

One thought on “East Texas Shenanigans…

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