Blogging 101

Apparently there are quite a few things I don’t know about blogging. Which is ironic because I researched blogs QUITE a bit before I got involved in this “hysteria.”

So much so, that I guess I got excited and missed some pretty important steps. Like like outside photo hosting.

What? Who? Huh? Como? SAY WHAT???


Apparently, it’s “smart” to not just post your photos via Blogger (or what have you) but to upload them to an outside source…i.e. Flickr. I did not know this….a fellow blogger tipped me off, kinda, via her blog in which she has a tutorial. That I need to start reading. Frequently.

Anyway, you’re supposed to keep these kinds of things hosted elsewhere so that you don’t lose your precious moments somewhere out in cyberspace.

Soooo, I’m going to be spending some serious time backing up my photos so that should I ever change hosts, I’ll be able to take my fun, entertaining (well, maybe only to me) pictures from my blog with me.

‘Cause there’s nothin’ more frustrating than things lost in a move!! (I should know…I’ve moved literally once a year since graduating high school. But that’s a whole other post!)



Aw heck, I got hacked yesterday!!! Stupid Twitter!! (I didn’t mean that…I still love you Twitter…it’s just different now.)

I’ll set it up for you:

I’m sitting at work with a few minutes to spare on one of my government required 15 minute work breaks (side note: I’m considering taking up smoking since, as I’ve noticed, this gives you more of these breaks seeing as you’re addicted and it’s now considered a “health issue”) (I’m actually not considering this at all.) when I decide to sign onto Twitter and see what’s going on with my friend, my buddy, the perfect stranger, Tina Fey. Naturally.

Lo and behold, I find that what WAS a picture of my cute precious Winston has now become a fat, balding man in a black Speedo with a giant gold chain necklace. (I’ll note that the “focal” point on this picture was right where you’d imagine…lower blubber belly to *SICK* Speedo area.)

As I sat and wondered, “Is someone playing a prank on me? Did they somehow crack my outstanding code and break into my Twitter account?” I looked to see if this sicko had posted anything. Absolutely cringing after seeing the picture and wondering what said person could possibly, and shamelessly, post on my account was this lovely message:

“Does anyone have the name of a good doc? My rash has been acting up again.”

I’ll give you time to vomit in your mouth like I did.

Ok, all finished?

After seeing this…I realized that not even my bestest of friends would get online and publicly humiliate me like that. (Though, admittedly, this was kinda humorous.)

So…my next step was to see if anyone had responded to this audacious and despicable posting only to find that, nope, notta one had said a word!! Not even a “Lib…what the hey is that picture and where did you find it?” Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Cero.

So. Moral of the story? My friends obviously think that my sense of humor is such that it would lead me to actually making a post such as that and change my profile pic to what looked like George Costanza in a teenie bikini bottom AND I need to create stronger passwords.

Lesson learned…and a slow clap to whoever taught me that lesson. Whoever you are, thanks for not posting porn.

Very High Level…

Hey guys! I know I’ve been the WORST blog host EVAH lately, but I promise that I’m going to get better.

For today, I have a few items that you should mull over in your pretty little heads:

1) JILLIAN!!! She’s precious, she’s a brunette (yay!), she’s Canadian, and she’s ready to find love. Again. Help cheer her on and don’t you worry, I’ll have plenty to say tomorrow after the show!!

2) Memorial Day Weekend is here. I’m sorry, what did you say?! It’s true. I had no idea this was coming so quickly. Am I an event planner you ask? Why yes, yes I am. I’m not sure how this fell through the cracks but it did people. Sheesh!! If you have a beach house you want to rent out to me for free, I’ll blog about how amazing it is. Even if it’s not. Promise!!

3) If you don’t love Amy Poehler…you’re absolutely dead to me. And if you don’t think that either one of these are hilarious, I’m just not sure that you have a giggle switch. And we shouldn’t meet. Because most likely we won’t be friends.

4) I was on the phone with my friend Emmy today. She was at her office, or so she said, and then I heard the *distinct* ding-tone that only happens when you walk through the doors of a convenience store. Namely, Valero. We had a pretty good laugh…for a few minutes…because she actually WAS in her office and they have that noise. I wanted to know when she quit event planning and started flippin’ the wienies in the rotisserie at the gas station.

5) Someone ‘splain it to me: why, oh why, is it SOOOO gross outside on the weekend and BEAUTIFUL during the work days?! Anyone who looks at me knows I need a tan on this bright white body…yet nature is working against me in my effort.

Last one, I promise.

6) I LOVE Stewie from “Family Guy.” If you’re not watching it, you should. You’ll probably cry you’re laughing so hard. You should also watch “30 Rock.” And it just goes without saying that you should be watching “The Office.”

Ok, I’m out! But I’ll catch you dudes on the flip side…or whatever they say in Canada!

No Woman, No Cry

Today marks the anniversary of Bob Marley’s death…which I know because when I logged into the blog this morning, that was on the Day in History gadget.

Honestly, I know LOTS of random trivia and don’t even get me started on the “Friends: Scene It” game because I will SCHOOL you there, but I really had no idea what May 11th was. Now I do. God bless you Day in History gadget…

But the reason I know is neither here nor there because as a music-lover, I’m so sad that Bob will no longer be crankin’ out the hits that make me want to lather up in a little Hawaiian Tropic, grab an ice cold rita and head out to the pool/beach/lake or whatever body of water is available and fry my poor ol’ bright white skin because I think that I can handle it like a Jamaican.

A good Bob Marley song is pretty much all it takes for me to think that I’m on a vacation in some tropical paradise. (Yes, I’m that easily confused.)

Or back in college getting ready for Spring Break. (BIG. SIGH.)

OR back at Camp Longhorn on your birthday which happened to be the last day of camp and you didn’t want to leave (this facing reality thing…it’s a theme) because you were going to miss your friends and have to start school again and all of the cute boys in the same age cabin brought you a cake and sang “No Woman, No Cry” and you were so excited but still sad at the same time. What? That never happened to you?

Isn’t it amazing what great music can do? Takes ya back, just like that! (Insert me snapping my fingers here.) I’m just sayin!!

Thank you Bob, for your many years of making music that not only makes us want to get up and shuffle-dance, but can so quickly and easily help us escape the world that we live in and find a few minutes (or hours…) of peace and serenity.

And enjoy a cold cocktail with an umbrella.

Without the fear of swine flu. Or a recession. Or the octo-mom.

In all seriousness, rest in peace, mon.

It’s ABOOT to Get Started!!

Hold onto to your men, ladies, because Jillian is BACK!!! Our favorite jilted bachelorette is here to to wow some men with her classic Canuck antics.

She’ll giggle, talk funny, and charm herself right into the hearts of all Americans…and those who check out the show in Canada, of course!

How precious is she?? Do I hope she finds the man of her dreams? YES. Do I think she’ll have some crazies in the mix? I sure hope so–keeps it interesting, and ABC is great at jacking with people’s personal lives just to get some good ratings. Will she be able to pull it off without coming across as a “lady of the night?” Well…we’ll see. I hope she can, but she had me guessing at the end of the last season with Jason.

Whichever way it goes, a few things are for SURE about to go down:
1) There will be hot tubs.
2) There will be helicopters.
3) Jillian will be proposed to. (Duh.)
4) We will hear (about a thousand times, but more so closer to the end) that our Jilly never imagined she could fall so more than one person at a time. And I bet she understands what Jason the Jerk was going through (agony!) by the end of it.
5) This season WILL include the MOST DRAMATIC ROSE CEREMONY EVER!!!

Get your DVR’s ready…I think we’re in for a Maple Leaf sized treat!!

East Texas Shenanigans…

Also known as Easter in East Texas.

I’ll start by saying that this was one of my MOST FAVORITE trips to The Burg. Aside from all of those summers as a kid where we basically ran crazy for a week straight. It was camp. For free.

This trip marked my brother-in-law’s first trip up to The Burg. I’m not sure if I’ve named him yet in the blog…so his name is Cheese. He’ll understand why. We knew we were all in for a semi-exhausting weekend since it takes about 6-7 hours to get there (I know…) and we wanted to show him all 3 things that we could think of to do while we were there.

Or so we thought.

We went fishing out at the private lake, we took a trip out to the “way back” of the property to check out our old camp site, we visited the haunted bed & breakfast that used to belong to our family, and ate at the restaurants outside of town that served any kind of drink with an edge to it. (Which, coincidentally, results in family video-gaming as seen here.)

Until we caught wind that there is now a VINEYARD in The Burg. Oh yes. I’m very serious.

“But how do grapevines survive in East Texas?” you might ask. Very. Well. The vineyard was pretty darn charming, has a few Italian-style villas that you can rent out, we took a tour, we chummed it up with the owner, and we’re SO going to stay there when he builds the Gypsy wagon cluster.

I’m just sayin’.

All in all, we had a blast. We had some great food, delicious wine, we hung out with my grandmother and got to love on her, and we had a successful Easter, sans egg hunt. Which, if you know my mother, is astonishing since this would be the first time in my 27 years that we have not done this.

You think I’m kidding. I’m not.

Anyway, here are some fun pics from the trip & here is the link to the Los Pinos Ranch Vineyard.

Some extras:

The First Cavender’s Boot City

Just a few normal fishing pics from the lake:

And, of course, the Creep & Cheese…hunting for snakes: