30 Days…Not So Shredded

So remember that time I started Jillian’s “30 Day Shred” workout and thought I’d be shredded, or at least on my way, after 30 days like she said?

Yeah…not so much.

It has everything to do with the fact that Jillian was killing me on a daily basis. As a result, I felt like a total baby…and like I was desperately out of shape.

Since then, (update!) I’ve started jogging…I will not go so far as to say I’m running because, as I’ve researched online, this offends true runners. Anywho, I’m moving faster than a speed walk on a daily (pretty much) basis…and I really like it!!

It’s true. I’ve caught the “running” bug. Never bought into that theory before now.

Anyway, I digress…

So I ran into my friend Katie at my Moo’s house party last weekend (another post I need to write) and we started talking about the blog, and Jillian. She’s been trying the “30 Day Shred” too…and she ended up at the doctor’s office!!

Turns out, Jillian was giving cute Katie stress fractures in her feet from the incessant hopping and jumping and boot-camping.

I had to slow down my Jillian dates due to migraines I got that lasted well through dinner & bedtime. I’m just sayin’….it was intolerable.

Pretty much what we got out of this conversation is that Jillian is killing everyone. Her 20 minute workouts are HARD, painful, and I’d pretty much rather do an hour of working out and not getting massive migraines that last until the wee hours of the night than 20 minutes of sheer torture.

Which I’m almost certain is a direct quote from back when I was in the midst of the regime.

2 thoughts on “30 Days…Not So Shredded

  1. Just doing some blog-hopping and came across your site and think your blog name is HILARIOUS. I’m not a fan of the cantaloupe so I had to click on it.I tried the Shred last year and it was horrendous. I only made it to Day 6 before surrendering. Anyway, I’m glad I stumbled across your site. I’ll be back. 🙂


  2. Yeah, I had great intentions with 30 day Shred too. It’s brutal. I think I made it through 5 days and found ANY excuse while doing it to be “interrupted.” Gotta get back with it.


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