I. O. U.

A few posts…and I realize this. Life has been a little crazy these last few weeks and I’m starting to feel like I’m coming out of the fog…with LOTS to talk about.

Let me recap for you, and for my accountability, some of the posts I’ve promised…

1) East Texas Easter Shenanigans
2) Fiesta
3) This can’t possibly be all
4) Day Party at Moo’s house…
5) 30 Day Shred Update…in a nutshell, it’s been WAY more than 30 days, I’m not shredded, but it’s probably bc I haven’t been doing it.

Geez…I feel like I owe you so much more. I’m sure once I get started you’ll have a novel to read. I write much like how I talk…all over the place, and fast.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and please try and avoid the Swine Flu…sounds nasty…why are we getting infected with animal flu’s?? Are they getting infected with our flu’s?

And tell me which idiots are making out with these pigs to contract this flu and then pass it all over the place. Come on now, people…SICK!!

Pull out your SARS masks and be sure to head for the hills if you start feeling queasy…please.

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