From Rehab to Parenthood?

This story just baffled me.

Now listen…I love me some Amy Winehouse as much, probably more, than the next girl (which explains the below picture with the sisters) but honestly Amy…a mother you should NOT be.

I don’t really have to go through the list of reasons do I? Ok, I will:

1) Rehab
2) Cocaine
3) Alcohol
4) Beehives
5) Make up tips
6) Rehab
7) That crazy “husband” of yours that’s still in jail…I think
8) That’s all I can come up with right now.

Honey, you make some FANTASTIC music…but you are a HOT mess. Please do not adopt a child from St. Lucia. From someone who has been down that way before…I bet she’d like to stay.

Amy Winehouse Tribute Band

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