Deep Thoughts…by, Me.

I have to apologize…I haven’t posted anything of substance all week. I think it’s what real writers call “Writer’s Block” or something like that…for me, I think we can just call it “White Noise.”

It’s not that this week has been uneventful, it’s just that I’ve been REALLY busy with work, trying to start running again (this is new…and humorous), and getting ready for Fiesta and my friends coming in town this weekend. (Which I’m SO excited about!)

My hope is that the weekend will bring some ironic, tell-able stories that I can document for you come Monday without being kicked off the internet or having you (yes, you 1 person reading this–thanks Dad) delete me from your favorites list. That I’m so sure I’m on, by the way.

What I will do is list a few random thoughts/things that have happened…maybe that will get me geared up to revisit the list and indulge a little more later. Ya know, get the juices flowing.

1) I started running this week. This is something I am horrible at and it usually leaves me winded and nursing a migraine…but for whatever reason, I’ve decided to give it another go. So far so good…and it’s definitely working muscles who’ve been long forgotten.

2) I solved the sandal crisis from the other day. In 6 business days my new gold Tory Burch flip flops will arrive at my front door. Thank you Friends and Family discount!!

3) I think the hoopla over the Obama’s dog is a little annoying. Additionally, I don’t like dogs who’s eyes I can’t see…they seem dodgy. Like they might bite you at any moment.

4) I started “Australia” the other night. I know it got horrible reviews, but I LOVE IT. Granted, I’m not finished with it, but so far it’s very entertaining and I’d like to take the Aborigine boy in it and put him in my pocket. What a muffin!!

5) It’s official. I’ve started getting mosquito bites again. Spring is here. Bugs love me–my mom says it’s because I’m so sweet. I’m considering being meaner this year. Alas, I’m destined to carry travel Off and an anti-itch stick until November-ish. Pray for minimal scarring around my ankle region.

6) A girlfriend just made me laugh until I cried on the phone. My coworkers think I’m certifiable right now…it’s possible that they’re right.

7) Still can’t stand cantaloupe.

8) I can’t wait for the D’s to come in town this weekend!! Yay Fiesta!!

9) I’m really loving cottage cheese & raspberries right now. DE-LISH!

10) I’ve actually run out of things. Oh wait…I’m SICK of this economy. Recessions are no fun and I’m ready for everyone to be in good moods again.

Ok, now I’m done.

Have a great Thursday! I have the day off work tomorrow, so I’ll probably get a good, coherent post in…not this random thought junk I’m subjecting you to today.

Until then…HASTA! (That’s spanish for “Later!”)

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