Summer Sandals

I swear I’m going to update everyone on Easter in East Texas and post some of the awesome/hilarious/typical stories. (We found a winery that is AWESOME…totally jazzed up the trip!)

But first…top of mind…I want to discuss summer sandals. I have a few that I really really want…but I need opinions and help. And sales.

The first that I’m LOVEing are these. I love Tory…and I’m kinda on a mission to get me some of her adorable sandals this summer.

Alright…so maybe I’m JUST talkin’ Tory Burch sandals. Because here is another pair I’d hug a kitten too tight for.


And let’s not EVEN get me started on her cute tunics… OYE VEH!!

My inbox is currently taunting me with 25, 50, 75% off sales…AND FREE SHIPPING. And if you’ve never been to Retail Me Not you’re absolutely wasting your money.

Think recession…but think summer sandals, too. We don’t have to totally go without!

So help me out here. If you had a cool couple hundred to blow…what shoe would last you through the long, hot, Texas summer? Email me or post a comment and let me know!

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