Do the Bunny Hop!

So Easter is upon us! This year, my family & I will be traveling approximately 7 hours up the road to a little place called Pittsburg, Texas. My birthplace!! My Mimama lives there on an awesome farm and it’s been the setting of most of my favorite childhood memories.

Imagine lunches at the drug store, hay rides, swimming, horseback riding, mud-slinging, barefoot running through the pasture, skeet shooting, the haunted Holman House, fishing…and let’s not forget…fireworks and gopher holes. An awesome combination.
This year, my sister Moo’s husband will be joining us and meeting Mimama for the first time. It will definitely be an exciting trip and I’m sure that many a memory and a blog post will come out of it.
Like the Christmas a few years ago we spent in The Burg. Upon arriving (and Mimama heading off to bed) the electricity on the farm went out. No big deal, you might say. If you have a flashlight…or a candle available. Neither of which were found. So we played Bingo by the light of our cell phones (which were out of service and deemed useless) and drank wine out of plastic Solo cups. AHHHH….it’s like coming home.
The next day, Christmas Eve, the well/tank/plumbing became backed up…along with the showers. Luckily, living in a small town, we knew the plumber who had to come out on Christmas Eve and trench the yard. Awesome.
A little later in the trip…my brother Creep’s car got stuck (read: battery died) in the middle of what we like to call The Way Way Back (i.e. the back part of the property–very far from the house).
All-in-all, it was a Griswold Christmas and I loved every minute of it. Just like I love every minute spent with Mimama in The Burg.
So here we come Pittsburg…ready for Easter! Only we will not be having an egg hunt (unless my mom decides it’s imperative and reminds her of our childhood…and there’s money in the eggs), we will still be drinking out of styro’s (classy), and we’ll hopefully make it out with electricity, plumbing, and no added pounds from the delightful cuisine choices that are Dairy Queen, McDonald’s, and Papa Nacho’s.
Oh, Pittsburg!

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