Good Riddance!

My day and mood was just lifted when I read this article.

Dear Blockbuster,
I hope you go down in flames. Because for years you have been a rude, impossible, non-service provider. Netflix is awesome. So is Hollywood Video. You lose. Stop trying to ruin everyone’s credit over a movie.

Sorry for the bitterness but I’ve had 1 too many run-in’s with Blockbuster (and have heard of, oh, so many more from others). It’s about time this monopoly was taken down. And who wants to deal with late fees when you can just drop something in the mail and then have your new movie the next day?

I believe the answer you’re searching for is no one.

Bye Blockbuster. When I’d like to pay $8 for a movie and round it out with a $5 small diet coke, I’ll go to the movie theater.

One thought on “Good Riddance!

  1. Sounds like when I asked the cashier to borrow their scissors and I cut my membership card up at their counter. I guess that small gesture was the eventual demise of Blockbuster.


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