So, I just finished what turned out to be a crack-like addiction. The “Twilight” series. If you haven’t read them, you should go out and do so immediately–and be sure to dedicate a few weeks (maybe less) to purely obsessing over what happens next.

If you have read them…were they not AMAZING?? I know, I know, y’all think that I’m a tween, teenie-bopper, Tiger Beat-lover, whatever. But these books are G.O.O.D. What’s not to love about a vampire-human love story? Set in high school. With superhuman powers.

I’m just sayin’, I think it’s possibly the best love story since “Titanic”…but whatever.

And, by the way, since I didn’t find myself nose-deep in the Harry Potter series OR Lord of the Rings, I feel that I’m way overdue a youthful series of my own to swoon over.

Anywho, my point is that I’m now in the uber-reading mode and am craving another awesome book.

Do you know of one? Have you read one? Let me fill you in on what I’m looking for…

1) I love “beach books”…meaning, I love semi-mindless reading (i.e. FICTION–because with television, books, magazines, I’m looking for an escape. Nothing too heavy)

2) For some reason, Britain has been mass producing some really great female writers for some time. The tone is very witty, very Bridget-Jones catastrophic heroine, and generally a pretty quick read.

3) I’m actually not that picky. Disregard #’s 1 & 2 and if you have a great book, go ahead and email it to me. I’ll be waiting!!

Send your suggestions to downwithcantaloupe@hotmail.com

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