Batter Up!!

Today at work, aka the best company ever, we had a department outing. And by “outing” I’m mean across the street. At a local high school. To battle another department in, wait for it, a SOFTBALL GAME!!

It was awesome. I’ll just lead off with that. And it reminded me that ever since “A League of Their Own” came out, I’ve desperately wanted one of their cute uniforms.
We were the Rain Makers. We made t-shirts with sponge painted letters & glitter paint. (I was number 10. For my birthday. Naturally.) And my intimidating nickname on the back was “The Libinator.” ‘Cause I am. (Whatever.)
Anywho, we went out at noon and started practicing and MIRACULOUSLY my old days of softball came back to me like a duck takes to water. Almost, anyway.
Point being, I didn’t totally embarrass myself in front of my coworkers, which tends to happen on our outings.
High-level recap of my “game” was: I hit and got on base every time I was up to bat. I played 2nd base and got a few outs. I took one for the team and blocked the ball with my body, thus resulting in what will be the mother of all bruises above my kneecap tomorrow. I even ignored my 1st base coach and ran through 1st to 2nd to force a run. And I made 2 runs.
If only this were on video for my near & dear ones. Because I suspect they don’t believe me even though back in my days of senior league girls softball on the Painted Ponies I was (not to toot my own horn, but ok) pretty darn good.
All in all, we had a fun afternoon. We lost by 1 point, but all that was erased by a nice, cold, Miller Lite on the outside patio at the office. (Have I mentioned I love where I work??) I came out with my pride still intact, an interesting new t-shirt, and a softball-sized bruise in development.
Next time, I’ll take YOU out to the ballgame.

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