You’ll Say "WOW" Everytime!!

Oh yes…yes we will.

The Sham-Wow guy, also known to those who love & adore him as Vince Shlomi (I know, right??), has been involved in a violent confrontation with, well let’s just call her a Lady of the Night. If ya know what I’m sayin’.

The story goes like this:

Sham-Wow Vince has no time to meet a nice lady (we’re assuming) because he’s very busy making messes and showing people how to clean them up WHILST wearing a McDonald’s-like microphone.

Because everyone needs 2 hands to wipe up juice, yes?

He meets a young woman at a Miami Beach nightclub and “propositions” her to be his girlfriend. For the night. (SICK. I have nothing else to say.)

Apparently things went horribly awry when said “lady” clenched onto Sham-Wow Vince’s tongue. Fighting ensued. And Sham-Wow Vince came out saying WOW…only not in the way he was expecting.

Personal opinion, Sham-Wow Vince got exactly what was coming to him because everyone knows by now not mess with these chicks. (Charlie Sheen, Hugh Grant…need I say more?) Only on top of the public embarrassment of having to pay for kisses, Sham-Wow Vince also got the ever living daylights beat out of him.


Check the article out here and enjoy your Monday!

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