Wedding Crasher…

I actually am not. It would be kinda awesome though. Anyway, I’m in a wedding this weekend for one of my high school girlfriends and am really excited about seeing everyone.

It’s the same feeling I got a few days ago when I got my first email regarding my 10 year high school reunion. Only I know I won’t get to see all of the random people I don’t keep up with anymore but DEFINITELY am looking forward to getting a gander of.

I digress! So as I was carefully sitting at my desk thinking of what the heck I am going to wear to the rehearsal dinner, and the bridesmaid luncheon tomorrow I started thinking of my favorite movies with weddings in them and just wanted to share.

1) Not only is this a GREAT movie…and I’m pretty sure exemplifies every dad’s first daughter’s wedding, this is a great part. Look at the tension here as the Banks’ meet Bryan for the first time. EVER. And he’s engaged to their daughter. Amazing.

2) Who can forget the hilariousness that ensues when Molly Ringwald’s older sister gets a monthly gift early, pops a muscle relaxer, and ends up drooling on her groom? Classic.

3) And finally…the most fun wedding guests of all. However, I’m sure no one would want them near an open bar:

And lets be honest…who doesn’t love a good wedding?

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!!

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