I’d like to introduce, for the very first time on Down With Cantaloupe, Winston! SHE is our 1 1/2 year old miniature English Bulldog…and she’s maybe more favored by my parents that any one of the four of us kids.

Probably because she doesn’t really talk back (except for the occasional Chewbacca-type gargle and head cock). And because she doesn’t ask for much. But mostly because she minds her own business and gives many a face like the one above. A face made for radio.
You see, Winston actually rules my parents’ house. With an iron fist. So much that the two labs don’t even see the light of lamps in the living room anymore.
Winston likes to lounge on the ottomans, lay in the La-Z-Boys, and sleep in your bed with you. Right. Up. Against. You. And she snores louder than a 400 lb. old man. And it’s kinda precious.
On my sister’s wedding day, Winston had a wedding dress. I’m thinking that on my birthday, she should get a cake. Or when one of us has a baby, SHE will get the push present. I kid…but maybe not. 🙂 She’s just this loved. She IS the 5th child my parents didn’t dare have.
It’s in days like these, recessionary days, days of beans and spam, that this bright and smiling face is the only thing that can conjure up happiness in me. And then she backs her rear-end up into your legs so that you’ll “scratch her bottom” which is her favorite thing. Naturally.
As my dad says “she’s got a face only a mother could love” and apparently she has a LOT of mothers. Here’s to you, Winnie-Woo!! Welcome to the blog….now here’s a treat.

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