Highlights From Today…Thus Far

Here’s what’s been happening with me so far today:

1) I tried on the b’maid dress yesterday–for the wedding I’m in a week from Saturday. I’m considering sewing my mouth shut for a few years.

2) Due to #1, Creep has now become my personal trainer. We had our first session yesterday. I actually FELL into my seat at work this morning when trying to gently sit.

3) I finally sent off my taxes to the tax guy…one big orange jumpsuit off my back

4) Due to the recession, I’ve decided to “dumb-down” my face products and “Go Grocery Store!” I’ll keep you posted on the effects, but I’m suddenly super excited to wash my face.

5) I also got new running shoes today. Which is a RELIEF because of all the running (none) that I do. I should note that the last pair I bought was my junior year of college. That’s right…2002 quality shoes. (And I really only bought those because my friend True made me.) I didn’t realize they weren’t that comfortable until I tried on my new ones. The wool has been pulled from my eyes–they were pretty dang uncomfortable and worn out.

So to sum things up: I’m not going to jail (yet), hired a personal trainer, extreme dieting, excited to wash my face, and ready to have my butt whipped into shape again this afternoon.

How’s your day going?

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