Nacho Friday

First of all, let me just wish you all a great big TGIF!! Secondly, I’d like to remind you, if I haven’t already, how much I LOVE where I work and what I do. As I was strolling through the office this morning sipping on my iced tea (with Sonic ice, mind you), I happened upon a few coworkers huddled around a crock pot.

Coworker 1: “It’s Nacho Friday!! Aren’t you excited??”

Me: “Umm…yes. That’s not even a valid question.” Though I’m on my diet for my friends wedding and will NOT be getting to participate. Sad

Me again: “This doesn’t look like Velveeta. This looks LEGIT.”

Coworker 2: “No way, baby, this is the REAL THING” as she pours more water into the mix…which I was unaware is how you made legit queso.

Me: “This is making me hungry for the first time since I went home yesterday sick from the taco salad I ate at lunch.” Yes…yesterday did not end well for me. Unless “well” means propped up over the toilet for a while and then laying in bed sipping Sprite. Stupid taco salad!! (I’m A-Okay today though, so no worries.)

Coworker 1: “We’re doing this every quarter now. It’s a new thing. J’s even run out to get jalapenos!”

Coworker 2: “Yep, you’ll be getting an email about it shortly. About 10 more minutes and we’ll be ready.”

Me: breaking into song a la Rod Stewart “Have I told…you lately…that I love you…”

So how about a big hip-hip-horray for Friday (albeit rainy), for Nacho Friday, and for the best place to work for with the best people…who just so happen to know how to make legit quesoYAY CHEESE!!

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