"Let the Rain Fall Down!!!"

What a rainy, unmotivating day! While I know I should be running around blowing kisses to the sky for pumping up our aquifer, does the weather really have to pack a 1-2 punch and give us 40 degree weather at the same time?

I LOVE a good thunderstorm–who doesn’t??–when I get to lie in my bed all day and watch Lifetime movies whilst drinking a big fat Diet Dr. Pepper. (HEAVEN. All I’m sayin’.) AND I love the cold weather during the “winter” season that we never, ever seem to get here in South Texas. But the combination of these two has proved to be a little much for me. I didn’t sign up to live in Seattle, thank you (and now, of course, I wouldn’t because I’m fearful of what I might say should I happen to run into The Bachelor, Jason and his new, new love Molly).

Most annoying, I think, was trying to figure out what to wear this morning. It’s really cold=sweater/layering, obvi. It’s raining cats & dogs=nothing white, nothing that shows rain drops, and nothing that will get wet and stay that way even after a good run through the hand dryers in the bathroom.

This posed a problem for me and caused me to become indifferent, which is highly dangerous when standing in your closet. You NEED strong feelings in your closet: “this looks hot!” “this makes me look like a fat dwarf!” “I’m so glad my mom never got rid of this!” “this must have jumped out of the Goodwill bag last spring!” You see my point. Indifference in your closet is what leads to you showing up at work with two different shoes on and a black top with brown pants.

So what did I end up in? A cream colored 3/4 length sweater, cords, a scarf and my heavy pea coat. SO. NOT. RAIN. FRIENDLY. Oh, and I left my umbrella at my desk at work last night. However…I’ve been very warm, cozy, and comfy all day long!!

Finally, I have had the Hilary Duff song “Let the Rain Fall Down” stuck in my head all day long. Thank you “The Hills” for permanently embedding that song (or at least a portion of it) into my brain. It’s the only song I come up with when it’s raining, it’s not that good, and if you know me, I have an admittedly VERY strong aversion to The Duff. I have no clue why, but everything she does makes me very upset. And she has horse/Chiclet teeth. There, I said it.

Amidst the rain, the outfit blunder, and the terrible looped theme song in my head, don’t cry for me Argentina, I have a fantastic night with girlfriends ahead of me. As they taught us in Rush, “always end on a positive” and I think I will!!

Have a great night & everyone stay warm and dry!!

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