Here Comes the Bride!

So I went to a bachelorette party this weekend for one of my best friends from high school, C-Dub.  We had a blast, we drank lots of wine, had some dee-lish delivery, and decorated cookies. That were SUPER CUTE before we got ahold of them after the wine. Unfortunately we were a little more into the chatting and catching up than paying any attention to the quickness that came with pressing the top of the spray can of icing. Oops…that might have been me. Anyway, here is the product of our artistic demand:
Clearly we will not be joining “Ace of Cake” anytime soon.  If you can’t tell what these were originally, they were panties, bras, diamond rings, and brides.  They turned out to be something that may or may not appear in the next version of “Friday the 13th.”  Since we all know they’re not finished making these yet.  After we destroyed the cute cookies, we promptly went to bed…no doubt thanks to the wine.
Saturday we woke up and ate some yummy breakfast tacos….let’s reflect on that for a minute. Nice.  Then we went on a nice, long walk–we had amazing weather this weekend and spent more of our time outside.  One of the only moments in the Texas calendar year where this is possible without absolute dehydration from sweating.  So of course, we took advantage.  After the walk, we cleaned up and went to a late, long lunch and did what we girls do best: eat and talk.
We had a fun lingerie party for the bride-to-be that evening, went to dinner, and then headed downtown for some debauchery!  I’d like to recall that explanation point…as I was one of the DD’s.  And happy to do it but let me tell you…it was A RIOT being totally sober and watching, no exaggeration, 3 different bachelorette parties grace the dueling piano’s tops.  Since I’m a lady, I will stop here, but I will say this–I’m glad I got to stay in my seat.  And C-Dub, if you’re reading this…your pictures are safe with me! 🙂   I will briefly touch on the fact that we sat at a table next to a very…intoxicated cowboy.  Who insisted upon dancing with his wife’s back all night since she refused to stand up and dance with him to EVERY. SINGLE. SONG.  What a sport…a lifetime pales in comparison to 8 seconds.  Poor lady.
Thanks to Marf for putting together such a fun weekend and let’s get geared up to send C-Dub into wedded bliss!!  (And hope that our dresses all fit.  🙂

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