I am "The Biggest Loser"…

Well, not really. I’ll explain.  I’m in a wedding coming up at the end of March and (like ya do) have been freaking out lately because I gave my bridesmaid dress measurements prior to the Holidays. And let me tell you…this is in fact a problem. Now, don’t get me wrong, I haven’t gained weight in the form of a fat suit but I’m just sayin‘, it’s going to be an interesting fitting full of Spanx and deep breaths. 

Now, back to the Biggest Loser comment. Due to said wedding, I decided that I need help in the form of a true drill sergeant. And since I can’t exactly afford a personal trainer for nothing short of the price of my first born (seriously…personal trainers out there, you know we’re in an economic crisis, correct??) I decided to surf the wonder that is the internet and see what I could find. Hello Amazon…who is this Jillian Michaels character? (I don’t watch Biggest Loser. Sue me. There’s just something about watching people work out whilst I’m eating dinner on the couch that makes me feel guilty.)  If you do not know Jillian…she is NOT as sweet at the Jillian on The Bachelor nor does she have that precious accent. No sir! BUT…I found my in-house drill sergeant.  Jillian is tough, she cusses at you, and she pushes you around in the comfort of your own living room. All for the exceptionally reasonable price of $8.49. 
Her DVD is comprised of 3 levels of 20 minute workouts. JUST 20 MINUTES. However, I can guarantee that these will be the most gratifyingly miserable 20 minutes of your day. I can’t imagine a person I love and hate more all at the same time…except for maybe the creator of TCBY.  (There must be addictive chemicals in that yogurt.) 
I have to be honest…when Jillian looked at me and said “400 lb people can do jumping jacks and so can you” I almost cried.  Mostly because my calves were literally about to burst into flames.  I’ll keep you posted on the 30 Day Shred and my progress but so far so good!  My arms are shaking while I type…so I’d say she’s well worth the 8 bucks.  And I have a feeling that if the dress doesn’t fit by the end of this month…I’ll be 9 bucks richer.

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