So I’m Watching TV And…

I realize that I’m not watching The Spurs game, but Los Spurs game. Yes everyone, there is an NBA sponsored Noche Latina.  Complete with themed jerseys.  And I want one.  

Noche Latina is a program recognizing the Latin American and Hispanic players of the NBA and spans games over the month of March.  (I definitely had to Google that. And I’m just sayin…does anyone else think it should be Noches Latinas???  I only took spanish for 8 years, what do I know NBA.)  And how come our Euro-athletes don’t have a recognition night? Do I think there will be rioting by Dirk, Tony, and Steve Nash?  No, probably not, they’re grown men.  (And that Canuck is too nice!)  But if Dirk got to sport a jersey with “Das Mavs” on it I’m thinking he’d probably appreciate it.  Just like I’d appreciate his paycheck, which is neither here nor there.

Anywho, take a gander at the limitless options that the NBA store has to offer and be sure to tune in to watch one of your favorite teams (or their nemeses) participate in Noche Latina!  And don’t panic, the fun and games last until March 28th! 

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